Full Flavored & Full Service

The Ley Lines lineup encompasses key components to get the start in your Startup. including Market Analytics, Branding & Formulation. Once you’ve got a potable potion and your all the data determined, our Project Management, and Distribution specialists are here to bring life to the product.

Modern is the Mission

We live for libations and everything that gets them from brain to bottle. Radical efficiency while frankly, just being rad because saving time, strife and precious coins are all part of the game when you stream (Ley)line your CPG brand.

Potion is the Notion

We’re believers in all getting the buzz without the buzzkill, which is why we specialize in Non-Alc and Functional Beverages. Our team’s been getting cans in hands since the beginning of this sprouting sector. With our expertise and guidance, you can navigate the competitive market with ease and achieve your business goals.

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